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1 - My dog won't sit still....

Hello and welcome to my Blog!
I thought I'd write my first Blog around a few things I hear quite a lot from dog owners:  'My dog won't sit still long enough for a photo!' 'My dog gets very excited around people he/she doesn't know!' 'I can never get him/her to behave when I try to take a photo! ' 'My dog can't be off lead!'

Are you one of the dog owners that is put off arranging a professional photo session for your dog, because you are worried he/she might not be on his/her best behaviour? Please don't be, and here is why:
The photos, no matter how mad or crazy your dog is, will show his/her personality and will be the ones you will fall in love with, regardless if your dog is sitting perfectly still or not. You want photos that speak your dog's personality and true a character, whether that is running around in the park, playing with a ball, jumping into water or just going for an easy stroll through the woods. I found time and time ag…