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4 - Flyball: How to add fun to your dogs life!

Flyball - Fun for your Dog and the whole Family
What is Flyball? I hear you ask! I asked myself the same question when I saw a Flyball demo advertised at a Doggy Funday I was photographing earlier this year. 
In short, Flyball is a very fast paced doggy relay sport, in which two teams of four dogs compete at the same time, each using a parallel 'racing lane' with 4 jumps, down which each dog in turn runs, triggering a pedal on the Flyball box, releasing a tennis ball, which the dog has to carry back down to the start, before the next dog starts. Click here for the full explanation and rules on the Kennel Club website.

As I mentioned, my first experience of Flyball was a demo at a doggy funshow earlier this year. I was instantly amazed by these dogs and found the demo very interesting. Great to see all kind of different breeds taking part as well. At competitions you will mainly see Border Collies running, but you will also see every other breed from Spaniels, to Lurchers and even …