2 - How does a photography session work?

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In my last blog I wrote about the fact that dogs don't have to sit perfectly still to take amazing photo's. If you have read it, thank you very much, I hope you liked it. If you haven't seen the blog, have a read and let me know what you think.
On my website I explain the three steps to my pet (and equine) photography session in short. In today's blog, I would like to go into more detail about my photo sessions and how they work. 

Step 1 - Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment couldn't be easier, you can contact me in various ways, either by email iska@iskasimages.co.uk, the contact page on my website (you'll find my phone number on the contact page as well), or through my Facebook page.
I offer complementary consultations either in person or via a phone call, during the consultation we speak about a few things, for example what you are hoping to get out of the session, which location is most suitable for your dog, your dogs personality and character and health issues I need to be are aware of and anything else that might come up. With this information we can put together your perfect session and the blueprint for creating forever lasting memories of your dog.
Deciding on the right location for the photo session is very important and with my advice and expertise we will choose an amazing location where you and your dog will feel comfortable and safe. The perfect location would be in a stunning setting with various shooting locations for a wide variety of photos with different backgrounds and as little clutter and distractions as possible. 
The dogs safety is paramount, therefore I recommend to stay away from busy roads, livestock and wild animals. Situations like Fenton chasing after dear and nearly causing a major traffic accident in the process should be avoided at all cost. (Check out the Youtube video for a giggle) 

Storm showing the difference the background can make.

Step 2 - Have fun and enjoy the experience
Puppy cuddles in the snow

My photo sessions are all about relaxing and having fun, think of them as a fun outing with a difference and the added bonus of extra treats and cuddles. Your dog sets the pace for the session. Before starting the session I take my time and introduce myself and my camera to your dog. Once your dog is happy having me and my camera around we can dive in and start the session, with most dogs that is pretty much straight away. 
Dogs tend to have a limited attention span, we'll take breaks whenever needed for some play time, treats and cuddles, I do love a doggie cuddle! My aim is to capture your dogs true character and personality, whether that may be running around chasing a tennis ball or sticks, jumping into the muddiest puddle they can find, or just going for an easy stroll. But don't worry we will also capture stunning portraits of your dog, before he/she gets all wet and dirty.

Please feel free to bring your dogs favourite toy/ball and treats with you, if your dog is very food orientated, it would best to keep the treats hidden. In case you would prefer your dog to remain on lead, a clean collar or harness would be great, but please bare in mind that some big chunky harnesses can be hard to remove in Photoshop. You can also bring long any other accessories you would like your dog to wear in the photos, for example bandana's or jumpers.

During the session you will find me on the ground at doggie level most of the time, therefore I will ask you for your assistance to direct your dog into different positions. That may be by throwing your dogs favourite toy towards or away from me to capture action photos, or by making sure your dog sits and if possible stays still for a split second, that can be on or off lead depending what you and your dog are more comfortable with. I can remove the lead in post processing. If your dog is very well trained, I will ask you to stand behind/beside me to get your dogs attention and to look at the camera. But don't worry if your dog won't stay, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get their attention myself so you can stay beside your dog. 

Doggie selfie!

Step 2 - Fall in love with your dog all over again

After we finish off the photo session, I will head home and start post processing your photos, I won't bore you with all the details of this, but depending how busy I am at the time this can take between 7-14 days.
Once I have finished processing your photos, the big reveal awaits! I can show you your dogs images in the comfort of your own home either on my laptop or if possible on your TV. And what could possible be better than seeing your dog on a big screen.

During our viewing appointment I will also show you my stunning wall art sample collection and help you decide which style and size would suit your home best.
Once you have placed your order, you will receive your chosen wall art within approx 2 weeks. Then it is up to you to hang it on the wall for you, your family and friends to admire.

Who could resist this beautiful face?

You can contact me to enquire about a photo session or to book through email, my website or Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed my new post. Please feel free to comment and share! 

Iska Birnie


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