3 - Bloopers and Outtakes

Outtakes and bloopers

Need I say more :-) This is the funny part everyone loves to see! 

Although most of the photos you see on my website, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media sites may look anything from cute, to stunning and seamless, on the outside. But believe me it takes a of doggie and horsey slobbers, face pulling, funny noise making, convincing, sense of humour and most important of all, patience, to get the shots you see online.
So, if you’re one of the people thinking of booking a photo session, but worried that your pet/horse won’t play ball, enjoy the following images and be assured pretty much everyone is in the same boat! End of the day it's all about having fun and enjoying the experience.
Let's dive right in, these are my favourite outtakes and bloopers of 2017!

When your sister is obsessed with ears........

Don't worry I survived this vicious photo bombing attack!

If you have an itch, you have an itch!
These 3 photos are from a photo session with 5 Labradors in the snow. These guys were brilliant, my sense of awareness for my surroundings was tested to the max, as a couple of these gorgeous doggies kept trying to sneak up on me and give me cuddles and very wet kisses. I found myself on my back in the snow having my face licked a good few times.

You've got to love Jaxon's face and the long tongue!

Eeeuw, don't kiss me...

I'll take the ball now, thank you!

If you have an itch... You get the idea!

Dalton giving high 10's.
I'll have a snack now, okay?!

Little error of judgement, resulting in face planting...

Bear thought he'd sat still long enough and wanted to see what I was doing on the other side of the flowers.

You've all seen cute Labrador puppy Monty sitting in the wooden planter (if you haven't click here). This is another one from the session, not quite in focus, but cracks me up every time!

Monty's 'big' sister Molly showing off her long tongue.


Rufus reminds me of Whinny the Pooh's Tigger in this photo. Bounce...

Poor Storm had to endure being dressed up during a sleep over at ours. Her face says it all... WHY??

Thank you very much for looking through my blog. I hope you enjoyed this little selection.

Until next time! Iska Birnie


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